Toasty Bun!
— Vulkin with a hot dog

Vulkin is an enemy that the protagonist can encounter in Hotland.



As its name implies, Vulkin resembles a volcano, with the conical structure that is a common characteristic of volcanoes. Lava can be seen leaking from their crown, and little puffs of smoke can be seen spewing out steadily. Vulkin usually has their eyes closed and a permanent blush. Due to their cheerful attitude, they are usually seen smiling.


Vulkin is a kind creature who, unfortunately for the protagonist, thinks their lava can heal people.

In Battle

Appears With


  • Their "Thunder" attack is a cloud at the top center of the board, firing bolts at a wide angle toward the SOUL, the bolts separating more the farther they travel. A variation of this has the cloud move.
    • This attack actually can speed you up if the protagonist gets hit by it.
  • Their "fire" attack is two columns at the right and left edges of the board, shooting fireballs toward the center; the fireballs go back to the column from which they were fired.


  • This monster can be spared by hugging or encouraging them. However, encouraging them will increase their attack, and hugging them will decrease the protagonist's defense.
  • Criticizing them will discourage them from attacking altogether, which is useful when there is another monster.


  • Thunder! Helpful speed up!!! [Neutral]
  • Ah! I'll help! Healing magmas! [Neutral]
  • Speed will help dodge!! [Neutral]
  • You're hurt! I'll help!!! [Protagonist Low HP]
  • Ahh... Not... helping? Okay... [Criticize]
  • Trash... rump... Ahh... [Criticize twice]
  • Ahh... [Neutral after being Criticized]
  • Does not help... [Neutral after being Criticized]
  • Oh! Ah! I'm helping!
  • Ahh! Ahh! Does my best! [Encourage]
  • Ahh! Tries the hardest! [Encourage]
  • Works hard! Works hot! [Encourage]
  • Ahh... so... LOVEY! [Hug]
  • Feels so warm! [Hug]
  • Hug...continue... [Hug]

Flavor Text

  • Mistakenly believes its lava can heal people. [Check]
  • Vulkin strolls in. [Encounter]
  • A strange parade blocks the path. [Encounter with another Vulkin]
  • Tsunderplane attacks! Not because it's jealous Vulkin is paying attention to you! [Encounter with Tsunderplane]
  • Vulkin is wiggling its weird rump. [Neutral]
  • Vulkin is making coffee in its crater. [Neutral]
  • Vulkin makes a smoke hoop and jumps through it. [Neutral]
  • Vulkin stands in the corner. [Criticize]
  • You tell Vulkin that its rump looks like a sack of trash. [Criticize twice]
  • You tell Vulkin that its attacks are NOT helpful. [Criticize]
  • Little streams of lava come from Vulkin's eyes. [Criticize twice]
  • You tell Vulkin it's doing a great job. Its attacks become extreme... [Encourage]
  • Vulkin parades around you proudly. [Encourage]
  • You give Vulkin a hug. It warms your heart... | And your whole body! Ouch! Your DEFENSE dropped! [Hug]
  • Vulkin's cheeks glow with a bright heat. [Hug]
  • Vulkin assures you the plane turning tiny is, like, completely intentional. [When Tsunderplane is spared]


  • Vulkin's name comes from the word volcano and possibly Vulcan, the name of the Roman god of volcanoes and metalworking.
  • There is a glitch where a Vulkin NPC will repeat the last message displayed, followed by the phrase: "smell the pain." [1]
  • Vulkin may be mentioned during Mettaton's news report by the headline saying "TINY VOLCANO MONSTER DOES ITS BEST, RECEIVES TINY APPLAUSE."
  • Vulkin shares their attack sound effect with Reaper Bird and Snowdrake's Mother.


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