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The wiki's chat can be selected either by selecting "Chat" on the top toolbar, under "On the Wiki" or on the side, under "Live! Chat." 



  • Excessive minimodding. This is when a non-moderating user attempts to take on the role of a mod by telling users how to behave.
  • Anything goes within PMs, although harassment via PMs will lead to a block.
  • Swearing is allowed, but not excessively. Excessive usage may result in a kick or a ban.
  • Do not test chat functionalities. This includes, but is not limited to testing emoticons, slash-commands, and chat tags.
  • Linking to blatantly NSFW content will result in an instantaneous ban. Linking to pornography, gore, anything that is really unseemly, and graphic discussion is absolutely forbidden. Slight innuendos and jokes are allowed.
  • Personal attacks, harassment, insults, bigotry, racism, etc. will result in a ban.
    • Slurs, or derogatory remarks against minorities, will result in a ban. (i.e., n****r, f****t, etc.) Abbreviations or derivatives of such words are not allowed either.
  • Violation of personal privacy will result in a ban. This includes revealing information about others against their will, such as announcing their real name, location, age, gender, etc.
  • Actions that disrupt rational conversation will result in a ban. This includes trolling, spamming, and speaking in all caps.
  • Don't go out of your way to irritate others. You can have arguments and debates, but don't get too passionate. Avoid unnecessary conflict, and don't start drama. No organization of chat invasions of other wikis.
  • Do not roleplay. If you wish to roleplay, do it within a private chat or on the Undertale Roleplay Wiki.
    • Chat games are allowed, but only if they don't obstruct the flow of conversation.
  • Sockpuppeting will result in an instant ban. (Abusing multiple accounts.)
  • Do not abuse Chat Tags. This means that you should avoid using them in ways that obstruct the flow of chat. They are fine in moderation, but don't overuse them.
  • Overall, keep the chat PG13, and don't be a jerk.

Topics of Discussion

  • Discussion is not limited to Undertale.
  • Avoid spoiling the game for players that have not completed it.
  • If someone comes into the chat that has not yet finished the game, and is looking for guidance, try to help them with whatever issue they may be having.

Chat Emoticons

  • A list of the chat emoticons can be found here.
  • A tutorial for using chat enhancements can be found here.
  • If you have any requests for particular emoticons, ask here.