Snail Pie is a consumable item found in Toriel's Home, replacing Butterscotch Pie in Hard Mode.

Snail Pie heals the protagonist to maximum HP minus one. It does not decrease their HP if the snail pie is used at full health.

Additional Uses

  • Similar to the Butterscotch Pie, if the Snail Pie is used during the fight with Asgore (if the Snail pie was acquired through unconventional means), then it lowers his AT and DF.
  • Using the Snail Pie (if it is acquired through unconventional means) during the Lost Soul fight against Toriel and Asgore helps to return their memories more effectively than ACTing.


  • In Hard Mode, the Froggit near Home tells the protagonist that Toriel left with no groceries, explaining why she makes Snail Pie instead of Butterscotch Pie.

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