Butterscotch Pie, abbreviated as 'Pie' rather than 'ButtsPie' in Serious Mode

Serious Mode (for lack of a known official name) occurs under certain conditions and removes minor jokes while it is in effect. It is entered automatically in certain circumstances.

Known Serious Mode Occurrences

Known Effects of Serious Mode

  • Items with comically shortened titles in encounters are abbreviated in a less humorous way,
Name Usually shortened to Becomes
Spider Donut SpidrDont SpdrDonut
Spider Cider SpidrCidr SpdrCider
Butterscotch Pie ButtsPie Pie
Tough Glove TuffGlove Glove
Manly Bandanna Mandanna Bandanna
Unisicle Unisicle Popsicle (use text stays the same)
Cinnamon Bunny CinnaBun C.Bun
Abandoned Quiche Ab Quiche Quiche
Ballet Shoes BallShoes Shoes
Old Tutu Old Tutu Tutu
Annoying Dog Annoy Dog Dog
Dog Residue DogResidu D.Residue
Astronaut Food AstroFood Astr.Food
Instant Noodles InstaNood I.Noodles
Glamburger GlamBurg G.Burger
Legendary Hero Leg,Hero L.Hero
Torn Notebook TornNotbo Notebook
Cloudy Glasses ClodGlass Glasses
Stained Apron Stain Apro Apron
Worn Dagger WornDG W.Dagger
Heart Locket Spr heartred center 0 <--Locket H.Locket.
Undyne's Letter UndynLetr Letter
Undyne's Letter EX UndynLtrX Letter
Popato Chisps PT Chisps Chips
Mystery Key MystryKey Key
Steak in the Shape of Mettaton's Face FaceSteak (Fsteak) Steak
Hush Puppy HushPupe HushPuppy
temy armor Temmie AR Tem.Armor


  • Dog Residue is the only item that makes a sound when used in this mode.

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