Migospel (typically /ˈmaɪˌgɒspəl/) is a clownbug-like monster appearing in the Ruins in Hard Mode. True to their species, Migospel is a clown that thinks battle is a performance, but this fades once they are alone. It replaces Migosp in Hard Mode.



Migospel is a monster with a slight and contrast difference from Migosp. Its body is cylindrical (Migosp's body is rather oval). Migospel has two bent antennae, legs and pair of the orbicular arms which uses to unsuccessfully cover its big smile. It has two pairs of wings. Its face also has a round nose and two stripes, where two oval eyes go up and down in sync.

In Battle

Appears With


  • Migospel causes a large number of cockroach-shaped entities to fly upwards from both the left and right of the box; they will not cross the middle.
  • If Migospel is the only enemy remaining, a tiny cockroach (as with Migosp) dances around at the bottom of the box, dealing damage if touched.


  • The protagonist can spare Migospel when they are the only enemy remaining in battle.


  • They're coming. [Neutral]
  • (mime noises) [Neutral]
  • Honk. HOOONK! [Neutral]
  • I love to laugh! [Neutral]
  • Ha ha hee hee ho ho huu huu! [Neutral]
  • Send in the clowns. [Neutral]
  • Laughter hides the pain. [Alone]
  • Everyone has gone. [Alone]
  • They cannot worry for me. [Alone]
  • Don't let them see me this way. [Alone]

Flavor text

  • This messed-up clownbug thinks battle's a performance. [Check]
  • Final Froggit stopped chasing Migospel around. [Encounter with Final Froggit]
  • Migospel flutters in, carrying Moldessa. [Encounter with Moldessa]
  • Migospel flutters in, carrying Parsnik. [Encounter with Parsnik]
  • Migospel makes a balloon animal out of bees. Shape: Pile of bees. [Neutral]
  • Migospel is juggling balls of ants. [Neutral]
  • Migospel intentionally pratfalls. Twenty times. [Neutral]
  • Smells like bug-flavored cotton candy. [Neutral]
  • Migospel's facade is broken. [Alone]
  • Talking has no effect. [Talk]
  • Migospel's clown aura fades. [Low HP]


  • Migospel's name may have relation with the words mime and gospel.
    • They also seem to be based off of, at least in design and dialogue, the Makara family line from Homestuck, most prominently, Gamzee Makara. This is shown through the smiling and frowning clown-face motif, the line "Honk. HOOONK!", and the name itself, 'Migospel' as the Makaras are notably extremely religious. And while it may be a stretch, the two antennae on Migospel's head sort of resemble Gamzee and Kurloz's horns, if only a little bit.
    • Also from Homestuck, the character Lil' Cal is probably the inspiration for Migospel's line, "Ha ha hee hee ho ho huu huu!", as Lil' Cal creepily laughs in the same manner.

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