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Sans before his boss fight

MEGALOVANIA (/ ˌme.ɡəlo.ˈveɪ.niə /) is the 100th track in the Undertale Soundtrack. It is a fast-paced song which plays during the final battle against Sans on the Genocide Route.


"Megalovania" was originally composed for Toby Fox's hack of EarthBound known as "Radiation's Halloween Hack" which was a submission to Starmen.Net's 2008 Halloween Funfest.[1][2][3] The original song from the EarthBound Halloween Hack can be found here.

"Radiation's Halloween Hack" was about an alternate universe of EarthBound where the chosen four never returned, or simply put "bad rom hack with swears."[4] According to "The Making of Radiation's Halloween Hack," the track "Megalomania" from Live A Live was originally planned to be used as the game's final boss theme instead. Toby Fox never got around to it, so he "yelled whatever [he] felt like into a microphone and copied it down," thus creating "Megalovania."[5] Toby Fox has also hinted that Megalovania was also inspired by the SFC/SNES version of "Gadobadorrer" from Brandish 2: The Planet Buster, where the hack's protagonist originated from.[6]

This song would later be reused for the webcomic, Homestuck, as "MeGaLoVania" on the Homestuck Vol. 6: Heir Transparent album with guitars from Joren "Tensei" de Bruin. This version makes a brief appearance in the Trickster Mode of "[S] Past Karkat: Wake up." and then makes a full appearance in "[S] Wake." This track's leitmotif can also be heard in the AlterniaBound bonus track, "The Blind Prophet", another track by Toby Fox.


  • The word "Megalovania" is a combination of "Megalomania" and "Transylvania".
    • "Megalomania" is the boss theme from the game Live A Live, which served as an inspiration for "Megalovania." Though Megalovania doesn't directly quote Megalomania's melody, it has a similar feeling and structure. In real life, megalomania is the delusion of being vastly more important and powerful than one really is.
    • The word Transylvania was jammed into the name to give it a feeling reminiscent of Halloween.[7]
  • Toby Fox's mother calls MEGALOVANIA 'MEGALAVEGALA'.[8]
  • According to an interview with Toby Fox, this was one of the six songs originally composed for other projects. The other five were Fallen Down, Heartache, Nyeh Heh Heh!, Bonetrousle, and Another Medium.[9]
  • Toby Fox has composed a 'sequel' to Megalovania dubbed Megalo Strike Back which was composed for the I Miss You - EarthBound 2012 album.
  • Toby Fox has stated that Megalovania - Clash with a Doctor, the version found in the MOTHER fangame "Cognitive Dissonance" (CogDis), was not made by him on his Twitter account.[10]
  • The original version of Megalovania was in the key of A in a minor blues scale, whereas the version found in Undertale is a pitched up, slightly faster and modified version in the key of D minor.


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