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Live at Grillby's is an officially licensed album of jazz arrangements[1][note 1] of songs from the Undertale Soundtrack (originally composed by Toby Fox). The songs are arranged and performed by insaneintherainmusic.[1]

The album was released for purchase on February 6th, 2016[2] on Bandcamp and has since been released onto Google Play Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, and physical CD. A compilation of sheet music (including transpositions) has also been made available. The album consists of 9 tracks in total.[2]

Several of the songs were remastered from their original YouTube counterparts.[3] The tracks, A Mother's Love, Dapperblook, and Welcome Home were entirely rerecorded.[3]

Track List

No. Title Length Arrangement Source(s)
1 Dapperblook 3:20 Ghost Fight
2 A Mother's Love 4:42 Heartache
3 Ice to Meet You! 5:44 Snowdin Town
4 Turnabout Skeleton Brothers 4:46 Dating Start!
5 The Incinerator 6:14 Another Medium
6 A Date with Demise 6:36 It's Raining Somewhere Else
7 Lights, Camera, Action![note 2] 4:44 Death by Glamour
8 It's a Beautiful Day Outside 6:40 MEGALOVANIA, (Bonetrousle*)
9 Welcome Home 6:51 Home, Memory


  • The name of track #4, Turnabout Skeleton Brothers, is a reference to the track Turnabout Sisters from the Ace Attorney game series.
    • This track itself is derived, in part, from a Turnabout Sisters arrangement done by insaneintherainmusic.[4]
  • The original version of track #9, Welcome Home, published on YouTube features a "crowdsourced choir" of several of the 174 individual recordings submitted.


  1. Also endorsed on the official Undertale Twitter account.
  2. Featuring The Consouls


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