yeah. 'dog. apostrophe-dog. it's short for hot-dog.

Hot Dog...? is a consumable item sold at Sans's stand in Hotland only if Papyrus is alive. The stand is located immediately to the left of Elevator R2. Consuming the item makes a barking sound (Unless in Serious Mode).

Additional Uses


Head dogs

Upon having a full inventory and attempting to order a 31st Hot Dog

  • Its "meat" is actually made of a Typha plant (or "water sausage").
  • The second time a Hot Dog is bought, Sans gives a Hot Cat instead.
    • The Hot Cat heals for one more HP than a Hot Dog, makes a meowing noise when eaten (Unless in Serious Mode), and cannot be exchanged for a Hush Puppy. It also sells for 1G more than Hot Dogs.
    • When consuming the Hot Cat, it makes a cat noise that samples a note from the Mario Paint composer.
  • The third time a Hot Dog is bought, Sans notes that "[the protagonist] really [likes] hot animals." He says he is not judging, though, as he would be out of a job without folks like that.
  • If the protagonist's inventory is full, Sans places a Hot Dog on the protagonist's head when attempting to buy one. He does not charge for this.
    • Sans is willing to do this up to 30 times. Instead of placing a 31st hot dog on the protagonist's head, he notes that 30 is the limit since he cannot reach any higher but also says he could have placed another hotdog if there were 29.
    • If the protagonist moves with a stack of hot dogs on their head, the hot dogs fall off. The hot dogs disappear when the room is exited.

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