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UNDERTALE Soundtrack is the soundtrack album for Undertale, released September 15, 2015, and available for purchase from Bandcamp, Steam, iTunes, the game's website, and available online for free at Spotify. All tracks are composed by Toby "Radiation" Fox with FL Studio.[1]

There are 101 tracks in total on the Undertale Soundtrack, with tracks 78-101 considered "hidden" tracks. Tracks not present in normal gameplay or in the soundtrack can be found here.

The soundtrack and other sound files are largely composed of various leitmotifs. Fox has stated that the majority of Undertale's soundtrack was composed using free SoundFonts and synths.[2]

Official Track List

Note: Leitmotifs categorized as "minor" on the leitmotifs page are italicized. When applicable, the subset of a group of leitmotifs that a song is a part of is written after the parent group in parentheses.

No. Title Length Plays Leitmotif(s)
1 Once Upon a Time 1:29 Introduction sequence Once Upon a Time
2 Start Menu 0:32 When viewing a new SAVE file Once Upon a Time
3 Your Best Friend 0:23 Protagonist's first encounter with Flowey
Slowed down at multiple instances during the Genocide Route
Your Best Friend
4 Fallen Down 0:57 When Toriel first appears Toriel
5 Ruins 1:32 While the protagonist travels the Ruins Ruins
6 Uwa!! So Temperate♫ 0:56 On the Joystick Config menu during Autumn and Spring Joystick Config
7 Anticipation 0:22 During monster encounters while accompanied by Toriel
Slowed down at multiple instances during the Genocide Route
Enemy Approaching
8 Unnecessary Tension 0:17 While the protagonist completes Toriel's test of their independence
9 Enemy Approaching 0:56 While fighting regular monsters (excluding Hard Mode/CORE enemies) Enemy Approaching
10 Ghost Fight 0:56 Napstablook's fight Ghost Fight
11 Determination 0:50 GAME OVER screen Determination
12 Home 2:03 In Toriel's Home Once Upon a Time
13 Home (Music Box) 2:02 In the protagonist's room in Toriel's Home when the lamp in their room is turned off Once Upon a Time
14 Heartache 1:48 Toriel's boss fight Heartache
15 sans. 0:50 Lighthearted interactions with Sans
Music in Grillby's, Papyrus and Sans's House and Napstablook's snail farm
16 Nyeh Heh Heh! 0:32 Lighthearted interactions with Papyrus
During the fight with Papyrus before he turns the protagonist's SOUL blue
17 Snowy 1:44 In Snowdin Forest
Distorted in the battle with Snowdrake's Mother
18 Uwa!! So Holiday♫ 0:30 On the Joystick Config menu during Winter Joystick Config
19 Dogbass 0:06 Before fighting the Dogi Ghost Fight
20 Mysterious Place 0:44 In the secret cave in Snowdin Forest
21 Dogsong 0:37 Fighting Greater Dog and interactions involving the Annoying Dog
Slowed down version plays after Endogeny is placated, overlapped with Woofenstein
Sped up version plays after sparing Sans
Phone call for Dog Ending or Dirty Hacker Ending
Enemy Approaching
22 Snowdin Town 1:16 In Snowdin Snowdin
23 Shop 0:50 In the Snowdin Shop and Gerson's Shop, Slowed down in MTT-Brand Burger Emporium Snowdin
24 Bonetrousle 0:57 During the fight with Papyrus after he turns the protagonist's SOUL blue Papyrus
25 Dating Start! 1:56 When the befriending sequences with Papyrus, Undyne, and Alphys begin
Bratty and Catty's shop
26 Dating Tense! 0:26 When a befriending sequence gets intense Snowdin, Undyne
27 Dating Fight! 0:35 During an intense moment during the befriending event with Papyrus Snowdin
28 Premonition 1:01 While discussing flowers with Sans in Grillby's Your Best Nightmare
29 Danger Mystery 0:18 When Papyrus is reporting about the human to Undyne in Waterfall
30 Undyne 0:45 While hiding from Undyne Undyne
31 Waterfall 2:06 In Waterfall Another Medium, Ruins
32 Run! 0:26 While being pursued by Undyne Undyne
33 Quiet Water 0:32 In more populated parts of Waterfall and Muffet's parlor in Hotland Ruins
34 Memory 1:15 After placing the umbrella in the statue for the Piano Puzzle
During the memory of Asriel meeting the First Human
While Undyne talks about Asgore and Papyrus while befriending her
After sparing Asgore
After the battle with Asriel
The ending screen after the True Pacifist Ending Credits
35 Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap 0:25 While a bird carries the protagonist over a disproportionately small gap Alphys
36 Dummy! 2:25 Mad Dummy's boss fight Ghost Fight
37 Pathetic House 0:38 In Napstablook's house Ghost Fight
38 Spooktune 0:23 CD found in Napstablook's house Spooktune
39 Spookwave 0:25 CD found in Napstablook's house Spooktune
40 Ghouliday 0:12 CD found in Napstablook's house Jingle Bells
41 Chill 0:56 While lying on the ground and feeling like garbage in Napstablook's house
42 Thundersnail 0:42 During the snail race on Napstablook's snail farm
43 Temmie Village 0:57 In Temmie Village Enemy Approaching
44 Tem Shop 0:45 In the Temmie Shop Enemy Approaching
45 NGAHHH!! 1:22 Before fighting Undyne
While cooking with Undyne
Undyne, Ruins
46 Spear of Justice 1:55 Undyne's boss fight Undyne, Ruins
47 Ooo 0:14 In the areas of Hotland preceding the Lab
48 Alphys 1:25 While interacting with Alphys and while traversing the Lab after Mettaton's quiz Alphys
49 It's Showtime! 0:46 After Mettaton bursts through the wall in the Lab It's Showtime!,Hotel
50 Metal Crusher 1:03 During several encounters with Mettaton Metal Crusher
51 Another Medium 2:22 While traveling through Hotland Waterfall
52 Uwa!! So HEATS!!♫ 0:34 On the Joystick Config menu during Summer Joystick Config
53 Stronger Monsters 1:03 While fighting monsters in Hard Mode Enemy Approaching
54 Hotel 1:27 Mettaton's cooking show
MTT Resort
Hotel,Once Upon a Time
55 Can You Really Call This A Hotel, I Didn't Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything 1:01 Jetpack sequence of Mettaton's cooking show
Right hallway of MTT Resort
Hotel,Once Upon a Time
56 Confession 0:42 When the Royal Guards confess their feelings
When Alphys and Undyne confess their feelings during the date with Alphys
57 Live Report 0:17 During Mettaton's news segment It's Showtime!
58 Death Report 0:47 During the bomb defusing sequence It's Showtime!
59 Spider Dance 1:46 Muffet's boss fight Ghost Fight
60 Wrong Enemy !? 0:58 So Sorry's boss fight
61 Oh! One True Love 1:24 During Mettaton's special performance Oh!
62 Oh! Dungeon 0:32 During the Multicolor Tile Puzzle in Hotland Oh!
63 It's Raining Somewhere Else 2:50 While talking to Sans in MTT Hotel's restaurant
In Sans's Workshop
64 CORE Approach 0:12 In the room between the Hotel and the CORE Hotel
65 CORE 2:46 While traveling through and fighting enemies in the CORE Another Medium
66 Last Episode! 0:07 After Mettaton betrays Alphys and declares his desire to kill the human Metal Crusher
67 Oh My... 0:14 After Mettaton's switch has been flipped, and before his silhouette disappears
68 Death by Glamour 2:14 Mettaton EX's battle Another Medium, Metal Crusher, It's Showtime!
69 For The Fans 1:47 While Mettaton takes phone calls after his fight Oh!
70 Long Elevator 0:20 During the first elevator ride to New Home
71 Undertale 6:21 When the protagonist travels through New Home and hears the story of Asriel and the First Human (guitar by Stephanie MacIntire) Asriel, Once Upon a Time
72 Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans 1:02 Never Sans, Papyrus
73 The Choice 2:12 While Sans judges the protagonist
When Sans spares the protagonist
At the end of the fight with Asgore
Asriel, Once Upon a Time
74 Small Shock 0:14 When first meeting Asgore
Slowed down in New Home on a Genocide Route
75 Barrier 0:31 The area Underground viewing the barrier
76 Bergentrückung 0:21 Precedes the fight against Asgore Asgore
77 ASGORE 2:36 Asgore's boss fight Asgore, Heartache, Determination, Undyne
78 You Idiot 0:34 Before Photoshop Flowey's fight
Before Asriel Dreemurr's fight
Before the special thanks segment of the True Pacifist Ending Credits
You Idiot
79 Your Best Nightmare 4:00 Photoshop Flowey's boss fight Your Best Friend
80 Finale 1:52 During the fight against Photoshop Flowey after all human SOUL segments Flowey, Asriel
81 An Ending 3:28 During the phone calls of most Neutral Route endings
During the end of the battle with Undyne if the protagonist kills her
82 She's Playing Piano 0:18 Outside of Undyne's house right before her date with the protagonist Alphys
83 Here We Are 2:06 True Lab Alphys
84 Amalgam 1:20 When battling the Amalgamates Enemy Approaching
85 Fallen Down (Reprise) 2:30 When Toriel intervenes in the fight against Asgore in a True Pacifist Route Toriel, Once Upon a Time
86 Don't Give Up 2:02 When monsters encourage the protagonist while Flowey ensnares them with vines Ruins
87 Hopes and Dreams 3:01 First segment of Asriel Dreemurr's boss fight Once Upon a Time, Snowdin, Your Best Friend
88 Burn in Despair! 0:21 Second segment of Asriel Dreemurr's boss fight after "Hyper Goner" is used Your Best Nightmare
89 SAVE the World 1:53 Second phase of Asriel Dreemurr's boss fight after the SAVE button appears Once Upon a Time, Your Best Friend
90 His Theme 2:05 The end of Asriel Dreemurr's boss fight after memories of Chara and Asriel appear Asriel
91 Final Power 0:18 When Asriel uses the absorbed SOULs to destroy the barrier Once Upon a Time
92 Reunited 4:44 In the overworld during the epilogue Snowdin, Once Upon a Time
93 Menu (Full) 0:32 On the menu screen after Asriel Dreemurr's boss fight Once Upon a Time
94 Respite 1:54 During the scene on the surface at the end of a True Pacifist Route Ruins
95 Bring It In, Guys! 4:12 During the credits when all of the monsters are being shown Enemy Approaching, Papyrus, Sans, Snowdin, Undyne, Ruins, It's Showtime!, Another Medium, Asgore, Toriel, Once Upon a Time
96 Last Goodbye 2:15 During the credits when all of the Kickstarter backers are being shown Once Upon a Time, Ruins
97 But the Earth Refused to Die 0:34 During Undyne's recovery before becoming Undyne the Undying Ruins
98 Battle Against a True Hero 2:36 Undyne the Undying's boss fight Ruins, Alphys
99 Power of "NEO" 0:30 Mettaton NEO's "boss fight" Ruins
100 MEGALOVANIA 2:36 During Sans's boss fight
101 Good Night 0:31 End of a Neutral Route in the demo

Never used in the final game

Once Upon a Time


The soundtrack has been widely praised by games press and fans, with Eric Van Allen of GamingTrend saying, "The soundtrack to Undertale reinforces [the game's] earth-shattering moments, knowing just when to rise and fall, and the frequent use of melodies and themes subconsciously manipulates your heart throughout the whole experience. Each song is reminiscent of a time when melodies had to be simple yet discernible, and each piece finds a way to grow outside the realm of chiptunes without losing that simplicity."[3] Jim Sterling praised the soundtrack as "a damn fine collection of unforgettable tunes."[4]


  1. "FL Studio. I often write the melodies and chords using a keyboard first."- Toby Fox. Undertale FAQ.
  2. "most of undertale's music was made using free soundfonts + synths but everyone likes it. that's cool" - Toby Fox. September 19, 2015. Twitter


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