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Item Description Effects Location and Cost
Bandage It has already been used several times. 10 HP Starting Item, Free.
One of a kind.
Monster Candy Has a distinct, non-licorice flavor. 10 HP The Ruins, Free.
Four of a kind.
Three in Hard Mode.
Spider Donut A donut made with Spider Cider in the batter. 12 HP Spider Bake Sale in the Ruins, 7G.
Spider Bake Sale in Hotland, 9999G.
Spider Cider Made with whole spiders, not just the juice. 24 HP Spider Bake Sale in the Ruins, 18G.
Spider Bake Sale in Hotland, 9999G.
Butterscotch Pie Butterscotch-cinnamon pie, one slice. ALL HP Toriel's Home, Free.
One of a kind.
Snail Pie Heals Some HP. An acquired taste. Heals to one less of maximum HP, but does not decrease HP if used at full health Toriel's Home, Free.
One of a kind.
Only appears in Hard Mode, replacing the Butterscotch Pie.
Snowman Piece Please take this to the ends of the earth. 45 HP Snowman in Snowdin Forest, Free.
Two of a kind.
Three in a Genocide Route.
Nice Cream Instead of a joke, the wrapper says something nice. 15 HP Cart in Snowdin Forest, 15G.
Cart in Waterfall, 25G, 15G (while carrying an umbrella),
free (In exchange for three punch cards)
Cart in Hotland, 12G (If Royal Guards were killed)
Bisicle It's a two-pronged popsicle, so you can eat it twice. 11 HP Snowdin Shopkeeper, 15G
30G (after Papyrus)
45G( after Undyne)
70G (after completing CORE)
Unisicle It's a SINGLE-pronged popsicle. Wait, that's just normal... 11 HP Bisicle Consumption, Free.
Cinnamon Bunny A cinnamon roll in the shape of a bunny. 22 HP Snowdin Shopkeeper, 25G.
Astronaut Food For feeding a pet astronaut. 21 HP Cooler in Garbage Dump, Free. Two of a kind.
Crab Apple An aquatic fruit that resembles a crustacean. 18 HP Gerson, 25G.
Sea Tea Made from glowing marsh water. Increases SPEED for one battle. 10 HP Gerson, 18G.
Abandoned Quiche A psychologically damaged spinach egg pie. 34 HP Bridge Seeds Puzzle in Waterfall, Free. One of a kind.
Temmie Flakes It's just torn up pieces of construction paper. 2 HP Tem Shop, 1G, 3G, 20G; 1000G in a Genocide Route.
Dog Salad Recovers HP (Hit Poodles) 2/10/30/ALL HP Chance of spawning when Dog Residue is used, Free.
Instant Noodles Comes with everything you need for a quick meal! 4/15/90 HP Refrigerator in the Lab, Free. One of a kind.
Hot Dog...? The "meat" is made of something called a "water sausage." 20 HP Hot Dog Stand in Hotland, 30G.
Hot Cat Like a hot dog, but with little cat ears on the end. 21 HP Hot Dog Stand in Hotland, 30G.
Junk Food Food that was probably once thrown away. 17 HP Bratty and Catty, 25G. Decreases ratings when in the fight with Mettaton.
Hush Puppy This wonderful spell will stop a dog from casting magic. 65 HP MTT Resort, sliding a Hot Dog...? under the fourth door. One of a kind.
Starfait A sweet treat made of sparkling stars. 14 HP MTT-Brand Burger Emporium, 60G
Boosts ratings when in the fight with Mettaton.
Glamburger A hamburger made of edible glitter and sequins. 27 HP MTT-Brand Burger Emporium, 120G
Boosts ratings when in the fight with Mettaton.
Legendary Hero Sandwich shaped like a sword. Increases ATTACK when eaten. 40 HP MTT-Brand Burger Emporium, 300G
Boosts ratings when in the fight with Mettaton.
Steak in the Shape of Mettaton's Face Huge steak in the shape of Mettaton's face. You don't feel like it's made of real meat... 60 HP MTT-Brand Burger Emporium, 500G
Boosts ratings when in the fight with Mettaton. One of a kind.
Popato Chisps Regular old popato chisps. 13 HP Vending Machine in the True Lab, 25G.
Bad Memory  ????? -1 HP, if HP is 3 or lower all HP Fight against the Memoryhead, Free.
Last Dream The goal of "Determination." 17 HP Fight against Asriel Dreemurr, Free. The amount received depends on how many inventory slots are open upon choosing "dream."
Puppydough Icecream Made by young pups. 28 HP These items, though completely functional, cannot be acquired without manipulating the SAVE file.
Pumpkin Rings A small pumpkin cooked like onion rings. 8 HP
Rock Candy Here is a recipe to make this at home: 1. Find a rock 1 HP
Croquet Roll Fried dough traditionally served with a mallet. 15 HP
Ghost Fruit If eaten, it will never pass to the other side. 16 HP
Stoic Onion Even eating it raw, the tears just won't come. 5 HP