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White and Green attacks

An example of White and Green attacks, used by Tsunderplane.

In the battle room, bullets of varying color represent monster attacks. These colors are the attack types. Each attack type corresponds to one of the SOULS of the eight humans, or the SOULs of monsters.

White Attack

Down here, LOVE is shared through... Little white... "friendliness pellets."
Flowey at the beginning of the game

White attacks hurt the protagonist if their SOUL collides with them. The only way to counter white attacks is by dodging them.

White is associated with monster souls.

Gray Attack

Napstablook's second attack

Gray attacks deal no damage and are used to spell out messages. Napstablook introduces this attack type; they spell out "REALLY NOT FEELIN UP TO IT RIGHT NOW. SORRY." Mettaton EX also uses a gray attack to spell out "Happy Breaktime!".

Gray is associated with no soul, referring to actually doing nothing in battle.

Interestingly, the only characters who use grey attacks are ghosts (including Mettaton, who is formerly a ghost).

Red Attack

Red attacks do not deal damage. They are used to warn of upcoming attacks, and a red outline (usually a rectangle) borders the entire area of the upcoming attack. Additionally, in most cases, a red exclamation point displays in the center of the area, while the lines flash yellow and red with a sound effect until the upcoming attack occurs.

The red attack is first used by Ice Cap and is later used by Mad Dummy, Asgore, Photoshop Flowey, Asriel, Mettaton EX, and Sans. However, the red attacks of Photoshop Flowey and Sans do not flash yellow or contain an exclamation point; rather, they display solely as the red thin outline.

Red is associated with the the protagonist's and the fallen human's SOUL, implying that red attacks are protecting the protagonist's SOUL

Green Attack

Eat Your Greens

Green attacks heal the protagonist, progress the battle in some way, or both. Some enemies require the protagonist's SOUL to collect green attacks so that the protagonist can spare them. Vegetoid introduces this attack type and is also used by Woshua, Parsnik, Whimsalot, the Royal Guards, and the human SOULs during the Photoshop Flowey battle. Tsunderplane also uses the green attack, but its green attack is the only one that does not heal the protagonist.

Green is the attack type and color of the green SOUL and is associated with Shield Mode and kindness.

Light Blue Attack

stop signs are red, so imagine a blue stop sign instead.
— Sans

Light blue attacks, also known as blue attacks, do not deal damage if the protagonist's SOUL remains still. Blue attacks are the opposite of orange attacks. Doggo introduces blue attacks and the attack type is used later on by Lesser Dog, Greater Dog, Dogamy and Dogaressa, Gyftrot, Woshua, Papyrus, So Sorry, Mettaton, Asgore, Sans, and the colored laser beams found in Hotland.

After the Undertale patch, the blue attacks use a slightly different shade of blue so it can be easier to see for people who are colorblind.[1]

Light blue is the color of the light blue SOUL and is associated with patience.

Orange Attack

O-Orange ones, um... [...] Move through those ones!

Orange Attacks do not deal damage if the protagonist's SOUL is moving. Orange attacks are the opposite of light blue attacks. The attack type first appears with the colored laser beams found in Hotland and is also used in the fights against Pyrope, So Sorry, and Asgore.

Orange is the attack type and color of the orange SOUL and is associated with bravery.


KARMA coursing through your veins.
— Flavor text from Sans's battle

All of Sans's attacks use KARMA (KR). This effect removes invincibility frames, and, in turn, delays damage input. HP cannot be reduced below 1 while KARMA is in effect and is depleted in the place of HP when taking damage; if the protagonist suffers otherwise fatal damage while KARMA is in effect, it effectively becomes a decaying second health bar.

Purple is the mode and color of the purple SOUL and is associated with Trap Mode and perseverance, but it is unknown if this is associated with KARMA.

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  1. Toby fox tweeted about the Blue Attack Update.

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