The Abandoned Quiche is a one-of-a-kind item found in Waterfall.

The neglected dish is found under a bench in a small area which is only accessible if the Bridge Seeds from the second puzzle (room with the bell) form a bridge leading to the bottom right side of the screen.

Flavor Text

  • The quiche was left all alone... [Leave it]
  • You leave the Quiche on the ground and tell it you'll be right back. [Drop]
  • You aren't ready for the responsibility. [Attempt to pick up while inventory is full.]


  • The Quiche is a reference to a time Toby Fox found an abandoned quiche under a bench.[1] Shortly after finding the abandoned quiche, Toby Fox had written an early description for the quiche in a deleted tweet which suggested that the protagonist could not drop the quiche.[2][3]
  • A deleted tweet by Toby Fox states that he removed a feature that allowed the protagonist use a quiche and skip parts of the game.[4]
  • If the protagonist calls Papyrus/Undyne while in the Abandoned Quiche area, Undyne says "What's better than a benchful of quiche?" If the protagonist has called her in the previous area, she reveals that she and Alphys made the puzzles in that room.


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